Foster & Kinship Care

Nurturers by Heart, Heroes in Action

The Alberta Foster and Kinship Association stands firmly by those who answer the call to care. We champion foster and kinship caregivers, recognizing their unwavering commitment to creating safe havens for Alberta’s children and youth.

Our dedicated support and advocacy aims to equip these caregivers with the knowledge, tools, and community they need to make a transformative difference in young lives.

Stepping In When The World Steps Out

Every child deserves the fundamental right to a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. However, not all children can grow up in their birth homes due to varying circumstances. This is where foster and kinship care steps in, casting a ray of hope and serving as a beacon of stability in the lives of many young souls.

Foster and kinship care are foundations of hope, offering children the stability, love, and support they might otherwise miss. It’s about families coming together, ensuring every child can have a brighter, safer tomorrow.

Changing Lives for Alberta’s Future

Guiding Caregivers, Supporting Kids

Every child deserves a chance to thrive, and every caregiver deserves the right tools to help them. At AFKA, we’re here to make that connection. We provide caregivers with the essential knowledge and resources they need, ensuring that children in their care thrive.

Through our continuous support, many children in care to find their way back to their biological families, always keeping their best interests at heart. We’re here for the journey every step of the way. 

We aim to ensure caregivers have the knowledge, tools and support they need to help the children in their care thrive for as long as they are in their care.

The impact these caregivers have is profound:

Emotional Stability

Many children entering foster or kinship care have faced traumatic experiences. A stable home environment can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress, enabling them to heal and grow emotionally.

Improved Academic Performance

Children in stable foster and kinship settings tend to experience more favourable educational outcomes, showcasing the significant impact a supportive and consistent home environment can have on their academic achievements.

Skill Development

Foster and kinship caregivers receive guidance to foster holistic development, helping children in their care navigate and build upon communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Long-term Outcomes

Providing a stable, loving, and supportive environment sets up foster and kinship care children and youth for success, helping them navigate life’s inevitable challenges and reach their full potential.

Nurturing The Nurturers: Dedicated Support For Alberta’s Caregivers

Programs, Services & Support

AFKA’s programs, services, and support are meticulously tailored to help guide caregivers every step of the way. Through this initiative, caregivers are better equipped to provide optimal care to the children in their charge.

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Connecting Caregivers

Caregiving, while rewarding, can also be isolating. A solid supportive network emerges by fostering platforms for caregivers to unite, share experiences, and learn from one another. Uplifting caregivers and directly benefiting the children under their care.

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Education & Training​

Staying informed is crucial. AFKA ensures caregivers in Alberta have access to essential education and training programs. These initiatives empower them with the latest insights and skills, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Let’s Turn Hope into Happily Ever After

Every individual holds the power to make a tangible impact in the life of a child. Your involvement, no matter how big or small, contributes to a ripple effect, ensuring that children in Alberta receive the love, care, and opportunities they deserve. 

By lending your support, you become a beacon of hope and change, helping create brighter futures for countless youth in our community.

Become Part of Our Compassionate Community

Embrace the opportunity to be at the heart of a movement that values every child’s well-being and future. Get equipped with resources, training, and a network of supporters, all dedicated to transforming lives.

Every Contribution Shapes a Brighter Future

Your generous donation, whether one-time or recurring, directly supports the children and caregivers in our community. Your contributions pave the way for more resources, better training, and expanded support for those in need.

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