Social Media Policy

Facebook Page


  • This is a Facebook Page developed to share information as well as create communication and networking in the child intervention/foster and kinship caregiver community.
  • To share relevant information to foster and kinship families regarding Child Intervention practice in Alberta, resources, training, events and other support programs that may be beneficial to provide well-informed care to children and youth in care.
  • To provide support to foster and kinship families across Alberta
  • To answer questions from individuals about foster and kinship care or to refer them to the appropriate individual(s)/Organization(s)
  • To assist in developing a network of supports province wide among- foster and kinship


How we will achieve objectives:
  • Share updates on changes in policies and procedures in Child Intervention
  • Share links related to foster/kinship care
  • Share links related to provincial foster/kinship care events
  • Share links/resources related to various cultural teachings, activities and events
  • Share links to family orientated events/resources
  • Share and link to articles on foster and kinship care as well as parenting tips
  • Share and link to training related to foster/kinship care
  • Ask questions to spark conversation and to stimulate engagement
  • Share events happening provincially related to AFKA programs, supports and services
  • Share AFKA program success stories and struggles with consent from individuals involved
  • Share reports from AFKA Board & Executive


Comments & Moderation of Comments Policy:
  • Page and comments will be reviewed and moderated by a page administrator/moderator to ensure that our page is a welcoming, safe space
  • We reserve the right to refuse, approve or delete comments that are profane, obscene, inappropriate, discriminatory, disruptive or inflammatory that are considered to be threatening, personal attacks, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, or of a stalking or harassing nature or those that are posted for advertising purposes, duplicates or spam, or of a political nature
  • Repeat offenders who violate the comments policy, or those who violate the policy with malicious intent, will be blocked from the Facebook page and reported as such, to Facebook, or appropriate authorities, at the discretion of the Facebook Page Administrator in consultation with the AFKA Executive Director/CEO.
  • Comments containing personal/identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) will be removed.
  • Users are not permitted to post directly to our page. Users interested in sharing on our page may private message us on Facebook to inquire.
  • Users may send a private message with questions or comments.
  • Page Administrators/Moderators will do their best to ensure that all comments follow the comments policy, though we are not necessarily able to moderate every inquiry. Users should not take for granted that information or links included in comments or posts are true or that any opinions they may contain are endorsed or supported by the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association.
Links to websites:
  • We may occasionally post links to websites not under the control of the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association when it is determined the user may find the information helpful or informative. This does not mean we officially endorse the site, organization or company. The Alberta Foster and Kinship Association is not responsible for the content, accuracy of any content or user privacy when visiting such sites. Users are encouraged to review site privacy policies before using.
  • The AFKA may occasionally post links redirecting back to the AFKA website. As per the privacy policy, users can refer to the AFKA website privacy policy and website terms and conditions, respectively by visiting: and


Privacy Policy:
  • The AFKA Privacy Policy, as outlined on the AFKA website (, will be the guiding framework used with the sharing of personal information.
  • Any concerns or questions around privacy and confidentiality can be directed to the Facebook Page Administrator or the Acting Privacy Officer of the AFKA, as outlined in the AFKA Privacy Policy on the AFKA website (
  • Any comments or posts made by a user of the Facebook Page is responsible for ensuring they are following FOIP guidelines and are not breaching confidentiality with regards to other caregivers and children/youth in care.
  • No child/youth in care will be identified in any way.


  • The AFKA Facebook page and information posted/provided through it is provided for the purposes of achieving our page objectives. By using this page, you agree that the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association is not responsible for any user relying on the correctness, accuracy or reliability of the content on this page