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Finally. A nurturing space with solutions, unyielding support, and an association that feels like family. Our foster and kinship caregiving community, resources, and training give you the confidence and tools to make every day brighter and more rewarding.

Embracing the Heart & Hardship of Caregiving

Alberta’s foster and kinship caregiving journey isn’t just about opening your home—it’s about opening your heart. But, with this profound act of love comes profound challenges. 

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and under-equipped becomes all too familiar for caregivers. 

The silent nights where you question your decisions, the external misunderstandings and judgments, and the internal pressure to provide the best care, even when unsure of the next step. 

Caregivers navigate a world of complex emotional needs, from the children they care for and their internal battles. These emotional roller-coasters, coupled with the practicalities of juggling schedules, attending to sudden, urgent needs, meeting unclear and inconsistent expectations, and providing stable environments, can feel exhausting.

Behind the Smiles

A dedicated caregiver, Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night to comfort a child traumatized by past experiences, only to feel completely unequipped to handle such profound emotional pain. 

James, a kinship caregiver, feels the weight of family expectations and the daunting responsibility of caring for his sister’s child while facing criticism from others who don’t understand the intricacies of his situation.

These stories are the daily lived experiences of countless caregivers. The whispers at community gatherings, the misplaced advice from well-meaning friends, and the looks of sympathy or misunderstanding constantly remind you of how different your journey is. 

The constant fear of making a mistake, or worse, the fear of being judged or misunderstood by a system you’re trying your best to work within. It feels like walking on a tightrope, balancing doing what’s best for the child and maintaining your sanity and well-being. 

Without a solid foundation of support and resources, it’s easy to feel like you’re one step away from losing your balance.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Stepping into the world of foster and kinship caregiving can feel isolating, but here’s the thing:

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Imagine a community at your fingertips, filled with people who’ve walked in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and come out the other side.

A welcoming community with access to real-world training grounded in genuine experience. Programs tailored to your exact needs and resources to guide each step. And, most importantly, an expert team that truly gets it and has your back.

It’s Not Just a Membership. It’s a Movement.

AFKA Membership isn’t just another Facebook group or coffee meet-up; it’s a lifeline tailored for Alberta’s dedicated foster and kinship caregivers. We’ve created a space where caregivers can find resources, training, and genuine peer support. 

It’s for those in the trenches daily, ensuring children and youth get the love, care, and stability they deserve. With AFKA, you’re not just joining a program. You’re becoming part of a community that understands, guides, and stands with you.

Why Choose AFKA?

Unparalleled Assistance. Right When You Need It.

Programs like the Caregiver Support Team, Extended Property Insurance, Legal Assistance, and one-on-one support ensure you have both guidance and tangible resources. Whether you need expert advice, a listening ear, or tools to safeguard your efforts, AFKA is with you every step.

Become Part of a Thriving, Understanding Community

Caregiving isn’t just about the challenges; it’s also about the connections. With AFKA, you’re part of a vast network of fellow caregivers. Share your joys, your challenges, and your wisdom. Here, you’ll find kindred spirits who understand your journey, making the road less travelled more comforting.

Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Training Materials

The world of foster and kinship care and our training resources are evolving. With AFKA Membership, you can access up-to-date, authoritative content designed by experts. It’s permission to act confidently in every situation.

Deep-rooted Commitment to Indigenous Families

We are unyielding in our commitment to support Indigenous children, youth, and families. We believe in recognizing, respecting, and fostering Indigenous communities’ unique needs and traditions. We strive to bridge gaps, promote understanding, and ensure every child gets the love and care they deserve.

AFKA Membership Has Its Perks

Claim exclusive member discounts on West Edmonton Mall passes, top-tier hotels, car rentals, furniture, and more.

Finding Hope with AFKA

“SO MANY successes from working with my AFKA mentor! Confidence in dealing with caseworkers, additional supports shared, validation for emotions/awkward feelings, advice on working with bio families… too many successes to count.” – AFKA Member

Turning Challenges into Understanding

“I was at my wits end with my placement’s behaviours. It broke my heart to do this; however, I was going to ask the worker for him to be moved. Reaching out to the AFKA mentorship program as a last effort, my mentor has helped me understand his feelings, and we are working together with strategies we spoke on.” – AFKA Member

There’s a Membership Level For Everyone

Discover the perfect AFKA membership level tailored to your needs and journey, each designed to offer unique benefits and support. With AFKA, you’re always in good company.

Free Membership

Foster/Kinship Caregiver Membership*

For licensed and approved foster and kinship caregivers, this membership is our way to support and back those committed to foster and kinship caregiving. Anyone authorized by the appropriate Government Ministry and fitting our eligibility criteria can benefit from the wealth of resources we offer. Best part? It’s on us.


Associate Membership

Ideal for individuals looking to tap into the AFKA community and resources without direct involvement in caregiving. Whether you’re supporting a caregiver or interested in our initiatives, this membership lets you immerse yourself. But remember, voting on association matters is omitted here.

Membership fees are due annually.


Voting Membership

For committed foster and kinship caregivers, our Voting Membership is your pathway to deeper involvement. With just a year’s experience as a caregiver member, you gain voting rights to influence AFKA’s decisions and direction. This membership gives you a voice in our association and access to special surveys, forums, and exclusive activities. It’s your chance to actively shape the future of caregiving in Alberta.

Membership fees are due annually.

No Charge

Lifetime Membership

Our token of gratitude. Bestowed upon individuals who’ve shown unwavering dedication and have made significant contributions to AFKA. It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring your legacy lives on.

*For the purposes of AFKA Complimentary Foster/Kinship Caregiver Membership eligibility, a Kinship Caregiver refers to a kinship caregiver who is an approved placement provider. Membership fees are paid annually.

Together, We’re Redefining Caregiving in Alberta

Take back control of your caregiving experience and connect with the community that truly understands. Join us today and access unparalleled support, resources, and benefits created just for you.

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