Caregiver Support Team

Ensuring every foster and kinship caregiver feels equipped, heard, and supported.

Facing Caregiving Hurdles Head-On

Caregiving, while rewarding, comes with its unique set of challenges. From feeling isolated without a community who understands to navigating complex administrative processes, the difficulties can seem endless.

How do you ensure the child’s needs are met while also addressing systemic barriers? What do you do when disagreements arise about the child’s care or if you feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar bureaucratic procedures?

Tackling Caregiving Challenges: The AFKA Way

AFKA recognizes these struggles and is here to make a difference. Our Caregiver Support Program provides:

Community Building: Through networking activities and events, connect with other caregivers and share experiences, insights, and advice.

Systemic Navigation Assistance: Let us help you understand and navigate intricate administrative processes and dispute resolutions so you can focus on what matters most – caring for the child.

Guidance During Complex Times: Whether you’re experiencing an “Assessment of Care Concern” or going through admin reviews and appeals, our team is with you, providing clarity and support at every turn.

With the Caregiver Support Program, you’re gaining a dedicated team passionate about ensuring your caregiving journey is as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Accessing the Support You Deserve

Ready to harness the full power of the Caregiver Support Program? Whether you’re a new caregiver feeling lost or a seasoned one looking for specific guidance, we’re here for you.

Simply reach out to our Caregiver Support Team, and we’ll guide you through the next steps, ensuring you receive the tailored support you deserve.

We’re Your Shield In Uncertain Times

Becoming an AFKA member offers more than just camaraderie—it grants exclusive access to invaluable resources like our Caregiver Support Team, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way when facing challenges in your caregiving journey.

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