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Our Core Mission

Empowering Caregivers, Enriching Futures

At the heart of AFKA lies a powerful commitment: to transform the caregiving landscape of Alberta.

By weaving a tight-knit community of caregivers, offering unparalleled programs, services, and support, and spearheading innovative education, we empower every foster and kinship caregiver to become a beacon of hope and security. 

We’re not just helping reform caregiving in Alberta. We’re reshaping futures, one caregiver and child at a time.

Programs, Services & Support

Caregiving can feel like navigating an intricate maze without a map. At AFKA, we’ve developed tailored programs and services to serve as your compass, ensuring you’re supported, informed, and never alone in this journey.

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Connecting Caregivers

The solitude of caregiving can sometimes overshadow its joys. To counteract the solitude, we’ve built a thriving community of caregivers—offering connections, shared stories, and a collective strength that turns isolation into empowerment.

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Education & Training

Those moments of doubt, the anxiety of making the wrong decision. Facing the unknown is one of the most daunting parts of caregiving. AFKA’s educational opportunities give foster and kinship caregivers the necessary knowledge and skills to provide every child with the best care possible.

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Join the AFKA Family

Membership Means More Support, More Community

Step into a community where every challenge is understood and every triumph is celebrated. AFKA membership isn’t just access to resources—it’s becoming part of a family that gets it, down to the late-night worries and the questions left unasked. 

From our Caregiver Support Team to legal assistance, virtual training and events, we’ve tailored a suite of tools to guide you through every intricacy of foster and kinship caregiving. Connect, share, and find strength in numbers. With AFKA, you’ll never have to stand alone.

Becoming a Caregiver

Essential resources to kickstart this life-changing mission. Get well-acquainted with the expectations, responsibilities, joy–and yes, challenges–of opening your heart and home.

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AFKA Programs

Strengthen Your Support Network with AFKA’s Essential Services. Our offerings, including legal assistance, extended property insurance, and the caregiver support team, are tailored to safeguard and assist you through every aspect of caregiving.

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The AFKA Annual Training Conference

Rub shoulders with fellow caregivers, absorb wisdom from industry experts, and immerse yourself in thought-provoking sessions designed to refine your approach, ensuring the children and youth in your care thrive in every way.

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Indigenous Support

Honouring Traditions, Fostering Futures

Indigenous children, youth, and families often navigate unique challenges borne from historical wounds and ongoing systemic issues. As their stories get overshadowed, their distinct needs, values, and cultures risk being overlooked in caregiving environments.

At AFKA, we champion the importance of Indigenous relations and reconciliation.

We aim to create nurturing spaces that resonate with every Indigenous child and family’s heritage, dignity, and aspirations through targeted support, culturally-tuned resources, and collaboration with Indigenous communities.

Dive deeper into our initiatives and join us in this significant journey of healing and hope.

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Join The Movement

Together, We Build Brighter Futures

Every child deserves a safe, nurturing environment, and every caregiver deserves support. Whether through a charitable donation that funds essential bursaries, offering your time as a devoted volunteer, or rallying your organization to become a corporate sponsor, your involvement can make a genuine difference.

By aligning with AFKA’s mission, you not only gain valuable resources. You’re giving hope, trust, and brighter futures to countless lives across Alberta. 

Grow as a Caregiver, Raise Resilient Kids

Joining the AFKA community is an invitation to transform lives and reshape futures. Once a member, you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of resources and connections.

But more importantly, you’ll be part of a powerful community dedicated to improving the shared experiences of countless children and caregivers across Alberta.