Nurturing Roots, Honoring Tradition

At AFKA, we are dedicated to helping Indigenous children and youth flourish.

At the heart of AFKA is a profound respect for the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures and the sacredness of family ties. Our journey centers on understanding, compassion, and action. We deeply recognize the unique challenges and historical injustices Indigenous families have faced. 

Through dedicated support, genuine collaboration, and continuous learning, AFKA is committed to honouring traditions, empowering communities, and ensuring every Indigenous child finds warmth, love, and belonging in their care journey.

Honouring the Land

We acknowledge and honour the traditional lands and territories on which we operate and serve. We deeply respect the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures, traditions, and histories that have shaped and continue to influence these lands. Every story and tradition is a testament to resilience and strength.

Alberta: Scars Of The Past

Indigenous children in foster and kinship care often grapple with challenges deeply rooted in historical and systemic issues.

While deserving of unconditional care and stability, these youngsters also bear the right to maintain their cultural connections, a bond sometimes strained within our child welfare system.

From the oppressive shadows of colonization and residential schools to the heart-wrenching era of the Sixties Scoop, Indigenous families in Canada have endured traumatic separations and cultural disconnections.

Recognizing these dark chapters helps underscore the urgency of our commitment to righting past wrongs and crafting a more inclusive and respectful future for Indigenous children and their families.

foster parent and child looking at one another smiling
Our Pledge

A Vision for Hope and Healing

At AFKA, we unequivocally commit to standing shoulder to shoulder with Indigenous children and youth, families, and communities. We believe in a future where every Indigenous child in foster and kinship care thrives, deeply connected to their cultural heritage and traditions.

Given the deep-seated challenges rooted in history, we recognize the weight of our responsibility.

While we cannot change the past, AFKA is firmly focused on being active in the solution, ensuring that the next chapter for Indigenous families is one of respect, understanding, and holistic support.

Transformation In Action

AFKA has implemented the following pillars to move towards a vision of hope and healing.

Honouring Indigenous Traditions with Families in Care

We understand the profound importance of Indigenous traditions in the lives of children in care. AFKA ensures these customs are woven into our interactions with caregivers and families, promoting understanding and respect and keeping each child deeply connected to their cultural heritage and family traditions.

Cultural Training for Caregivers

We’re committed to deepening the cultural understanding of our caregivers. Through specialized training, we ensure caregivers, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, are equipped with the knowledge and respect to honour Indigenous cultures, traditions, and values.

Community Collaboration

True change blossoms from collaboration. AFKA is taking intentional steps to forge authentic partnerships with Indigenous communities. We co-design solutions, prioritizing children’s well-being and aligning with each community’s core values.

Promotion of Indigenous Foster Homes

Every child deserves a nurturing environment rooted in their cultural identity. We’re championing creating and promoting more Indigenous foster and kinship care homes, emphasizing the invaluable connection to cultural heritage and traditions.

Resources & Support

Families thrive when they have the proper support. At AFKA, we tailor resources specifically for Indigenous families and communities, strengthening family bonds and emphasizing the importance of kinship care within the community framework.

You Can Make A Difference!

Bridging the gap for Indigenous children and families in foster and kinship care is a collective effort. AFKA welcomes the hands and hearts of individuals and communities eager to make a lasting difference.

Whether you can offer your time as a volunteer, make a meaningful donation, or foster a partnership, your contribution helps fortify the bond between Indigenous traditions and the care system.

Empower Indigenous Journeys

Give today. With every contribution, you are helping remove financial barriers, allowing these determined students to pursue higher education and reach their full potential.

Get Involved Directly

Lend your skills, time, or expertise to our mission. Collaborate with AFKA in a hands-on manner, ensuring Indigenous traditions and values are weaved seamlessly into foster and kinship care.

Resources and Further Reading

Interested in learning more?

We suggest these excellent resources for further reading.

To create lasting change, we must first arm ourselves with knowledge. Here, we offer a curated selection of essential resources that shed light on the realities facing Indigenous children in foster and kinship care. Seize this chance to educate yourself, deepen your understanding, and join us in paving a brighter path forward.

“Indigenous Child Welfare in Canada”
– Placeholder Author: A comprehensive look into the historical and modern-day challenges of Indigenous children in the welfare system.

“The Legacy of the Sixties Scoop”
– Placeholder Author: Dive deep into the effects of the Sixties Scoop and its enduring impact on Indigenous families and communities.

“Cultural Connections: Foster Care & Indigenous Traditions”
– Placeholder Author: Explore the profound importance of maintaining cultural ties in the context of foster care.

Interactive Webinar:
Understanding Colonization’s Impact – Access a series of engaging and educational online sessions to uncover colonization’s effects on Indigenous communities and their resilience.

Resource Guide:
Nurturing Indigenous Youth in Care – A toolkit for caregivers, ensuring the needs and traditions of Indigenous children are prioritized and respected.

For more resources or personalized recommendations, please contact our dedicated team, which is eager to assist and guide you on this enlightening path.