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Empower Your Caregiving Journey With Continuous Learning and Growth

Access tailored learning resources, designed for Alberta’s foster and kinship caregivers.

Evolving With Each Lesson Learned

Navigating the foster and kinship caregiving world presents unique challenges, including understanding emotional nuances, grappling with cultural sensitivities, and staying updated on best practices.

Our virtual learning opportunities offer caregivers the knowledge, tools, and techniques they need to face these challenges head-on and continually enrich their caregiving experience.

Scheduled Training

Indigenous Cultural Day

  • Fort Edmonton Park, April 20th, 2024

Stay tuned for upcoming training opportunities!

Upcoming Education Sessions

In progress/unconfirmed dates:

AHS Mental Health Promotion Unit
– Grief and Loss

AHS Grief Support Unit
– In talks

Matricia Brown/Warrior Women
– In talks

Dr. Wanda Polzin-Holman
– Trauma and Vicarious Trauma
dates not confirmed

 ++ More to come!   

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