Children’s Services Provincial Caregiver Training

Children’s Services Provincial Caregiver Training: A Fresh Approach

Introducing The Training

In the province’s continuous commitment to enhancing caregiving in Alberta, Caregiver Training has been updated. Revisions echo the latest research, legislation, and Indigenous practices while aligning with frameworks such as Signs of Safety and trauma-informed approaches.

Since January 2022, the PRIDE Pre-Service has replaced the previous Orientation for Caregiver Training (OCT). This innovative format offers 10 flexible, online video sessions designed for foster and legal permanency applicants, with kinship caregivers having the choice of Pre-Service or Kinship Orientation.

Today, caregivers can access the Provincial Caregiver In-Service (Core) Training on PRIDE Online. This comprehensive platform showcases PRIDE e-learning modules and specialized Alberta-created content.

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Resource and training summaries are downloadable below in .PDF format.