Extended Property Insurance

Protection When the Unexpected Strikes

For foster and kinship caregivers facing significant property damage.

The Unexpected Side of Raising Kids

Every caregiver knows that children, whether they’re born into our families or come to us through foster or kinship care, bring a whirlwind of emotions and events into our lives. Along with the joy, pride, and love, there can also be moments of surprise and significant upheaval. 

Imagine the shock when a tap left on floods your home, causing extensive water damage, or the distress of an intentional fire, posing risks beyond the immediate danger.

These aren’t just minor incidents. They’re significant events that can test the very fabric of our resilience, patience, and financial stability. Such moments demand more than just emotional support; they require tangible solutions to help caregivers recover and continue providing a safe, nurturing environment for the children in their care.

Extended Property Insurance: Your Safety Net

We have developed the AFKA Extended Property Insurance Program to be your shield against these overwhelming challenges. Designed exclusively for foster and kinship caregivers like you, our program steps in when the damage caused by a foster or kinship child in your care surpasses $10,000.00*.

When your primary insurer steps back, we step forward. With AFKA by your side, you won’t bear the financial burden alone. Instead, you’ll have the peace of mind to rebuild, recover, and refocus on what truly matters: providing a loving and supportive environment for the children in your care.

*The foster/kinship caregivers must have insurance under their homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policy, but their insurer refuses to pay for the damage. This plan covers the deductible of $10,000.00..

Accessing the Extended Property Insurance is Simple:

1 – Report the Incident: Reach out to your insurance company to report and make a claim. At the same time, file a critical incident report with the Case Manager and your foster/kinship care support worker.

2- If Denied, Gather Evidence: If your insurance company denies your claim, obtain a letter stating the reason for the denial.

3 – Reach Out to AFKA: Once you have the denial letter, contact us at the Alberta Foster and Kinship Association to explore compensation possibilities under this plan.

Contact Information:
Alberta Foster and Kinship Association
Email: info@afkaonline.ca
Tel: 780-429-9923 or 1-800-667-2372

Secure Your Peace of Mind with AFKA

As an AFKA member, you’re encircling your home with a safety net, ensuring you have a community and resources ready to assist when unexpected challenges arise.

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