Corporate Giving

Lend Your Power, Fuel Their Future. Caregivers Thrive With Corporate Allies

Your corporation has the power to transform futures. By partnering with AFKA, you directly uplift and champion the cause of foster and kinship caregivers in Alberta.

Together, let’s create a lasting legacy, ensuring every child and youth gets the nurturing environment they deserve. It’s more than sponsorship; it’s about shaping a brighter Alberta.

Ready to change lives?

Alberta’s foster and kinship caregivers step into challenging terrains daily, balancing the emotional complexities of traumas with financial demands and a maze of bureaucratic tasks. 

Similarly, the children and youth they champion face their battles—searching for stability, combating stigmas, and yearning for a bright future amidst their past shadows. 

Your partnership can transform these narratives, ensuring that caregivers and those they care for receive the support and hope they deserve.

Solving Business Challenges Together

Aligning with AFKA means championing a noble cause and meeting business objectives head-on. We can tailor sponsorship packages to address your unique needs and goals.

Whether it’s increasing brand loyalty, tapping into new demographics, or enhancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) narratives, our collaborative approach ensures mutual success.

Maximizing Brand Exposure

In a sea of brands vying for attention, stand out with purpose. By partnering with AFKA, your brand gets elevated exposure at our events, platforms, and community outreach efforts.

Our diverse and passionate community is an engaged audience that respects and values our supporters, positioning your brand front and center with a cause that resonates.

Making a Community Impact

There’s a profound ripple effect when businesses invest in their communities. As a corporate sponsor, your contribution directly translates to enriched lives, strengthened support structures, and a brighter future for Alberta’s foster and kinship caregivers.

Embrace the opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey that benefits the children and caregivers and fortifies our community’s fabric.

Trusted By Alberta’s Leaders for Exceptional Partnerships

Child sitting on top of foster parents shoulders both extending hands to "fly".

Your Partnership with AFKA is a Game-Changer

When your organization stands alongside AFKA, you’re not just pledging funds — you’re igniting hope. Your sponsorship directly amplifies our ability to extend our reach, broadening the horizons of the many foster parents, kinship caregivers, and the children they cherish. 

With your support, we can expand vital programs, creating ripple effects that touch countless lives. 

Beyond financial support, your expertise, guidance, and invaluable connections provide the scaffolding we need to build brighter futures for Alberta’s most vulnerable. 

foster parent helping child with school work

Empowering Education

Your sponsorship fuels essential and relevant training opportunities for caregivers, allowing them to increase their knowledge and better support the children in their care. This ripple effect positively influences and inspires the youth in their care.

foster family of four sitting on couch laughing joyfully

Strengthened Support Networks

Backing AFKA’s programs bolsters essential caregiver support networks. With more vital support, caregivers can better nurture and provide for every child’s needs.

Kinship parents helping child with school work

Broadened Horizons for Youth

Your contribution opens new doors for fostered youth, from discovering passions to skill development. With your support, you’re shaping their present and carving brighter futures.

Growing up in Alberta doesn’t have to be so hard. Let’s Rewrite These Stories. Together.

When you partner with AFKA, you’re not just supporting a local charity—you’re uplifting lives, reshaping futures, and making a mark that echoes across generations. Talk to us today about partnering with AFKA.