Legal Assistance

Your Legal Lifeline in Unexpected Challenges

AFKA’s Legal Assistance program provides a lifeline for foster and kinship caregivers and their adult children navigating the complexities of legal challenges.

When Your Commitment Faces Legal Accusations

As a foster or kinship caregiver, or even as an adult child of one, you’ve dedicated yourself to the well-being of children in your care. However, situations can arise where you or your adult children face criminal charges (abuse) under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act against a foster/kinship child you’ve cared for or are currently caring for.

The shock of being accused, the weight of legal processes, and the emotional strain can be immense. Imagine being confronted with legal papers amidst the daily routine and care. The uncertainty and confusion can be daunting, but you’re not alone.

AFKA’s Answer to Legal Complexities

The AFKA Legal Assistance program offers financial assistance for legal representation during these crucial moments. We understand that these allegations don’t just impact your current situation but can potentially affect your future fostering endeavours. Here’s how we stand by you:

Financial Support: Receive up to $150.00 per hour for legal counsel, capped at a maximum of $15,000.00, ensuring you get qualified representation without the financial strain.

Guidance through Legal Aid: Youth in your care are entitled to a free lawyer, and we’ll help make those connections, guiding you every step of the way.

Clear Communication: We’ll liaise with your chosen legal counsel, ensuring they are fully aware of the assistance you’re entitled to.

Exclusions: This program does not cover legal expenses for appeals.

Accessing AFKA’s Legal Assistance: Your Next Steps

1 – Reach out to AFKA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Melissa Jones, to get your letter of program eligibility.

2 – Provide the necessary documentation: a copy of the charges and proof of your caregiver status at the time of the alleged event.

3 – Once you’ve chosen your legal representation, share their contact details with our CEO.

4 – Rest assured, knowing we’ll contact your lawyer, ensuring they understand the full scope of assistance.

For a seamless experience and to initiate the process, directly submit the required documents to our CEO, Melissa Jones. Reach her at 780-429-9923.

Don’t Navigate Legal Waters Alone

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